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Cockroach/Wire Maniacs
by Unlock/Vantage^Padua [issue 07/2002]

PAiN: Welcome Cockroach. You've been in the PAiN editor staff since 1999, when you and Iquito took over the magazine. Most of our readers should still remember you, you've been doing the charts & polls section up to the last issue of the mag. Nevertheless, give us some short facts on yourself. Who are you?
Cockroach: Hi Unlock. Well, as you mentioned above, my name is Cockroach. I used to be a scener :) I "joined" the scene somewhen in the 90s as a musician, or, as some would say, as a guy who tried to do be one. I had an own little bbs, which was the reason why I started "coding" (haha) pcboard mods. Together with Venome I founded the group Wire Maniacs where we released our music, PPEs and some other stuff. When I switched from pcboard to daydream (linux) I abandoned the PPE business and started focussing on music. This was also the time when Viper/D joined Wire Maniacs and we started getting successful (well, sort of). I haven't done anything scene related except for music since that time (or, since the day I finally closed my BBS).

PAiN: When and why did you decide that you wanted to be maineditor for PAiN?
Cockroach: I never was maineditor. I did, however, decide to help out when there was some sort of PAiN crisis (I don't really remember what was going on back then). Iquito became maineditor and I took over the whole charts and polls secion (I think - but it might have been earlier - my memories are fading). The only thing I remember is that PAiN had had a rather charts-free time because the old editor(s) didn't feel like doing charts with only very few votes. On the other hand, people didn't vote (at least I didn't) because it was highly unlikely that there were going to be charts results in PAiN anyway. I decided to change that.

PAiN: What have you changed in PAiN? Are there still elements in the mag you've introduced back then?
Cockroach: I think I was the first PAiN charts editor to introduce international charts (correct me if I'm wrong) which was more or less all I did. Oh, and I kept the good ol' bbslist (sort of) alive :)

PAiN: What can you remember from your time as PAiN editor? Was it a good time for you? And was it a good time for PAiN?

Cockroach: It was a nice time for me. As I'm not really active (not even really passive anymore) in the scene, it was a great way to stay more or less informed. I've been working with various editor teams, some of them were better, some worse. As PAiN still exists, times can't have been too bad, after all...

PAiN: Why did you stop being PAiN editor?
Cockroach: There were three reasons: First one: I'm just not as interested in the demoscene as I used to be anymore. Number two: There are just too many non-scene things going on in my life (okay, sounds rather similar to number one). And last but not least: The PAiN team is stronger than ever, so that I could quit without leaving a hole.

PAiN: Where do you see PAiN going to? You've been with us until a short time ago, so you also know where we plan to go. What are your prophecies for us?
Cockroach: I think PAiN is going straight to hell. Sorry. No, I think you guys are doing a great job. You rock the international diskmag scene, and PAiN will have one of its best times ever, at least from the amount-of-readers point. The articles seem to be interesting, although I never get to read them all. As it looks now, PAiN will soon be / already is the best pc scene mag.

PAiN: What are you doing now?
Cockroach: Depends. My only scene activities are being a lazy composer and showing up at Buenzli parties. In real life I'm currently working for a small webdesign/-hosting company as server admin and php programmer. I'll start studying at the University of Bern this autumn.

PAiN: Although this interview isn't published in the celebration issue of PAiN, you can send good wishes to anyone (preferably us) if you want.
Cockroach: Okay, let's go: First, I wish you, the PAiN crew, a really nice time. Looking forward to another 50 ass-kicking issues. Then, I'd like to add a few personal messages: Furball & Big Bear: Looking forward to a nice "l33t" corner at Buenzil again :) Genox: Nice tunes - keep them away from bz ;) All those ghosts from the past I haven't heard of for ages: My ICQ# is still 974875 ... And, last but not least, the Wire Maniacs posse: Go for it!

PAiN: Thank you dude for this interview and all the time you've invested helping us providing this diskmag. Good luck in your future and we'll see us at Buenzli!

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