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Eule/Fake That
by Unlock/Vantage^Padua [issue 07/2002]

PAiN: Welcome. Many people remember you as one of the best writers for PAiN in the times between the first issues and maybe around 1998. Introduce yourself a little bit, so people will recall what they knew from you.
Eule: Excellent to hear that anyone remembers me at all. I was writing for PAiN at the time coediting with Chicken and Qube and some others... (being imprecise there). My main contributions were basically philosophic columns about life in general and nothing in particular. At the time there were quite some activities evolving around the group of people doing PAiN - and I was, well, kind of implicated all over. This often prooved to be quite shallow work in the sense that being implicated everywhere turned out to be doing nothing really, so I was happy to tell everyone what I thought about things at least once a month.

PAiN: When and why did you decide that you wanted to write for PAiN?
Eule: I have always loved to write the kind of columns I did for PAiN - doing them in private at first. The decision kind of took itself from there - The editors of PAiN at that time were always greatful for contribution. The decision was also largely inspired by the way the swiss scene was faring at the time - not pretty fucking well. Things got a lot worse after... but maybe thats just me getting gray and old.

PAiN: What have you been writing about? What was your favourite topic?
Eule: Same thing everyone writes about: How cool I am, how many chicks I get, ...
Vanity stuff. Besides of that I always found the time to dedicate a few paragraphs to confuse my readers with long sentences and unintelligible words (you get my meaning grin>). Adding to the mix a bit of life experience, love, harmony, happy endings, cusswords - Taking people on a ride for a few minutes of pure pleasure and excitement ... - uups getting carried away. You see, most of the time I don't know what the hell I am writing about, so why divulge that information?

PAiN: Do you know any reason why people still remember you as one of the best editors?
Eule: None at all. I did not know that I was in that position at the time I was writing for PAiN. If someone asked me that irl, I'd probably tell him to get his head checked. Could you please tell me who says that, so I could .. well .. perhaps meet him for a two-hour session of ego-enhancement?

PAiN: Well, as like with other newspapers we keep our sources closed for their security reasons. I just can tell you, that there are a few people around that still remember you as a good boy. You might remember them aswell, if you remember the Fake That times and the good ol' BBS hypes. Any idea now?
Eule: You mean the Fake That times still to come or the ones that were? Well anyhow, I know that some still remember me - Just like to say that I do too. PAiN always seemed to be something the editors write for ... well the very same editors and of course the guys they hung out with.

PAiN: What can you remember from your time as PAiN editor? Was it a good time for
you? And was it a good time for PAiN?
Eule: A: To answer the last question first, no it was a no good time, bro. PAiN was desperately looking for contributions and creativity - as was the scene in general. But yes, I enjoyed doing whatever it was I was doing. Mainly because I got to yell at people, which is better than being yelled at, ain't it.

PAiN: What do you think about PAiN as how it is these days? Could you imagine still being PAiN editor?
Eule: Nope, I couldn't. Being PAiN editor would mean that I at least try to know what the f. the scene is about, and I don't pretend to do that nowadays. Laming out in my corner of the universe I at least think to have found some peace and happyness. I am rather content to be a legend to some and an anonymous bastard to others. Perhaps I could also try to explain that point philosophically: I no more think that producing things is of any value - the things that are will be enough for a long life. (Facts I write are as always 100% real and not a second I would consider b-shitting you guys.)

PAiN: Why did you stop being PAiN editor?
Eule: Readers fault. Seriously, not getting one single reply on whatever it was I wrote turned out to be a major piss-off. Wages simply were too low for that kind of pointless work. A dead piece of meat would have shown more reaction (given a couple of weeks) than our readers did show - And to entertain myself I need not write down shit.

PAiN: Not that this would have changed up to now. What are you doing these days?
Eule: Getting busy finishing university studies. Well, at least pretending. Doing a lot of
martial arts, training to be on the first flight to Alpha Centauri. Learning to type singlehanded. Mind-Coding, like playing chess without a board: Coding without computers for simple enjoyment, l'art pour l'art. Uh.. and yeah, sometimes I actually try to see what kind of place the scene has become like. But it turns out that its still no place to be, at least physically.

PAiN: Although this interview isn't published in the celebration issue of PAiN, you can send good wishes to anyone (preferably us) if you want.
Eule: Hey, best wishes to you of course. Doing something is always worth it (althought there are quality graduations). My best whishes fly out to everyone who believed in me and whom I hung out together. One special whish to snoop - the best of luck.

PAiN: Thank you dude!

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