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Final Judgement - The 2002 Remix
by Ghandy/Scarab^Vantage [issue 11/2002]

"The final Judgement" was my first scenerelated tale I ever wrote. The names inside this story could be easily exchanged with anybody else that goes on my nerves, for example all those spammers and authors of viruses that are constantly sending shit to my email addy. I have other names in my rusty brain but I mustn't reveal all secrets, must I? hehe

When Unlock saw this article, he immediatly asked me to use it for the PC diskmag PAiN but I disagreed. This first has to be updated with some actual relations first I told myself, so here we go:

What happened? "I'm in big troubles", I thought... two men looking like if they were coming from the police department or from a private security service asked me to come with me.

What? Why? "I'm sitting here peaceful at Party6, enjoying the time", I answered. "You are Ghandy, ain't you ?" "Yes", I replied.. "Come with us or we will..." They opened their jackets showing me, that they carried a pistol with them each. Hee? Danish policemen asking me if I'm Ghandy? How could they know that name? Aren't they too young? Danish security mates showing me their weapon? I must be dreaming, that can't be true..

"Hey guys.. you cannot come from the danish police, show me your licence card first.." But it was too late.. too late to try to cry for help, too late to accomplish anything. "This is The Party6, isn't it", I asked myself.. Denmark is a place of law and order, Stipes' partys are also normally and the scene hasn't anything to do with stuff like that. "Who are you", I asked. "Will you kick me out of the party?", I asked. No response. These guys were not willing to speak with me about any details and then everything was too late. They had me between them, no chance to escape, no chance to ask any further of my silly questions. The way we three were going.. No, we were more running, we went downstairs. One of the guys told me "Our job is to hunt for guilty sceners, especially for VIS.... If you are really Ghandy, you are the most hunted of them!" "They must have been hot for me", I thought.

We entered a lift. Silence.
Three minutes later the doors opened again. All the time we went down, that was at least what I thought. "This is 899 metres under the partyplace", one of the VIS-hunters explained me. "No chance to run anywhere; no escape!" "Party6 is a nice chance to get anyone we were hunting for", the other guy explained me and had a fat grin in his face.

"Pearl Stripe, TP's mainorganizer can't know this", I told myself.. or I'm dreaming, this scenario can't be true.. did I take LSD anywhere? Drug addicted! Maybe some of the crazy Crux people put it in my Coke? We came towards a very big, old door out of historian looking wooden door. In the second he opened it, it made a big loud noise...

"Now you are alone - Ghandy of Scarab, Vantagage or whatever! ... take care what you say from now on... this is the final judgement.. no.. I'm wrong, this is YOUR final judgement!"

The room was full of wooden tables, a wooden ground and exactly looked like an unmodern courtplace from the last century. "My name is Pearl Hammer, I'm owning the judical functions here", the judge said. "On my left and right will sit some other sceners who will pronounce a judgement about you. However this may be, you are not allowed to appeal against our decision." I know that face I thought.. I know it exactly.. it was in one of the latest gallerys.. but who is that. "Please introduce yourself to us", the man on the right from the judge said to me. "My name is Lars Sobiraj"... "STOP!" the man cried.. "that is not interesting.. only your life in the scene is. When did you begin your personal scenario?", he asked me. "In 1992, my handle was Gandalf and my first serious group was called Decade..."

Visitors came in.. about 200 people. I knew many faces.. there was Mcloud of TRSI who left the scene about three years ago. "He's here to give an evidence against me", I thought, only he and a few others know how many cardcustomers I have fucked off, how many mainreleases I have supplied and how many TRSI-guys I have fooled in my past. That's the end. Then I saw Silver, who was looking quite serious. Radiators, a good friend of my hometown and there's Triton of ex-Faith, our cracker from Bonn. My past, my friends. They will have to say something for me or I will be killed. I recognized many others, Damion, Smt, Magic and Rokdazone of Artwork came in. "OH SHiT!" "SILENCE NOW!!", the judge claimed. "Actually you have no right to speak, didn't I mention this already??"

"My name is Crazy Crock" the man on the right to the judge told us. "Your scenelife in the very beginning isn't interesting, we know that you have been a member of Decade, Faith, Scandal and Desire"... Desire? "No, Desire was only in cooperation with us".. "Aha", answered Crazy Crock. "We know that you have been in war with several mates from other illegal groups and that there happened many pityful things but in the end of your illegal time you and your group failed and went to dust. Most of the productive and good members left for TRSI" ... "Yes, right!", I replied.

Crazy Crock: "Let us begin with your legal scenario.. how did you manage to join such a great group as the newer Rebels?" The room went crowded, nearly overcrowded.. more and more sceners hushed inside and now after the room was getting awfully full "my" dear two security men closed the doors to avoid more people coming in. Seems my death is of interest for many mates, they all wanna see me dying...

"I regret that I had a war with TRSI", I said.. "I regret it really.. the people left me and really... the deadly end of Faith was hard enough to learn." But did I really? I mean learn, did I learn anything?
"I was allowed to join the force of the new Rebels, because I was a great modemtrader. They knew I was able to support their boards quite well and so they allowed me to join in as nothing else then an upload-slave" "We know that", the judge said.. "we know...".

"Later I joined Gods but not mainly as modemtrader as they were and are not so much involved in modemactivities. They have some boards, but the contact between the members is still done by snail & e-mail. I was sick of modemtrading.. I'm still doing it, but just for fun and not for joining Exciters' groups". Judge: "Yes.. it was Exciter who found Rebels Germany and it was him to kick you out!" It became louder in the hall.. "SILENCE!"

I looked to the front.. a women came in and sat down on the left of the judge. "My handle is Super N. of Feetballs; you may call me Lady super". "Great", I just thought... what else can happen.. "You never wrote anything about the girls in the scene.. seems you are sick of them!" "Nono.. I just never thought of wemen in the scene, that was all!".

Judge: "Our charge looks like this, Ghandy, you are a pityfull liar, spreading rumours about everything and especially telling around facts other people gave you only for your eyes and ears. You promised them to keep it secret and you with your unstoppable tounge broke again and again your promise. For example facts you got from The Loop of Artwork about that great group, facts from Zerox about Mop etc. You never managed to keep a secret on your own." He looked on me.. "What can you say about that?"

"I feel guilty.. your words were true and I never was a good editor, never a good author... I was a writer against my own conation." This was a try.. a try to survive.. tell them what they want to hear and maybe they wont erase me. Maybe. maybe...

Judge: "At second: You started wars between yourself and other groups and other VIS. Examples: Astro, Artwork, Damion, Exciter, Rebels, Rokdazone, Mop etc."

Ghandy: "What can I say.. these weren't wars. I just had the feeling ... it was inquity.. it was a burning shame.. Damion spread the .. Damion did me wrong, he took me away my beloved Daniel aka The Loop and told everybody I am a pityfull looser." Judge "How can you know that?!" "Loop told me (...)" Judge: "But he did it private.. and you again didn't kept it that way.. compare with point one of our charge. We add it with missing aproval. You never showed that to real important sceners.. indeed you hit them and did attack them. Your overall behavior wasn't fair!"

And then the peak came towards me. The door opnened and Dire and Soda from the Scenet staff silently came in. "Why are you two guys here??", the judge asked. "Well, we are here to proof that Ghandy has stolen things out of our site and took it for his own." I was really getting angry but it would not have been clever to react and scream anything now, the judge was already angry enough. I just asked myself "And who told you to change the passwords for the FTP? Who told you to kill our friendship via an SMS, who to fire me out of my editor's chair from the papermag you are the maineditor of?" But all my thoughts were nuts! That was at least my impression.

Lady S.: "We now should search for a good decision how to treat you" It became louder.. someone screamed.. "Let him beome unimportant again.. let him become what he wished us to become." Oh godly crime that was Fishwave.. hey Adrian how can you? Can't be true...

They looked on eachothers, speaking something I wasn't able to understand and left the room. Exon came towards me.. "It was a mistake to tell them what you've done.. they already killed Lord Helmet, Colorbird and several others... they will knock you out if you don't cry for wisedom. They will condemn you as they have done it several times now. They want scenish correctness.. they want (...)." He had to stop and seek for his empty chair as the doors opened again. Lady Super of somewhere, somehow etc. and Crazy Crock entered the room. I'm still not knowing who he was, shit! They all sat down, the third one, I also still didn't know him.

"SILENCE NOW!!", Lady S. cried.. "We have found a way of treatment.. it will be done.".. "No more broken promises, no more wars, no more political and scenish uncorrectness, no sitestealing!", Crazy Crock stated. The scene will be full of peace and freedom." "And full of pittyful laws"... I added.

The judge said "Open the box!".. I asked myself what could be inside for me. It was a brandnew Sony Playstation and some brainblasting Tekken games.. (WOW!)

"The sentence is, that Ghandy looses his name, handle and that he won't belong to any group. Not now and not in the future. He will have to give us his computers and all the knowledge he had about the scene. Or he thinks he has about it. His new handle will be Mr. Network and his only computer maybe a Sony Playsation. He's not allowed to buy ANY other computer beside other entertainment systems... Nobody will know him, nobody can recognize the name Ghandy nor Gandalf, nobody can regocnize the group Decade or Faith. Nobody will agree an interview or a single article from that brave playernose."

I know that guy I thought, I know him.. I must NOW recognize him before I loose my brain and all informations I have inside. Man.. who is the judge?? Who? Yes.. yes.. it was a picture in the third issue of Showtime.. it was the picture with two girls. No, not Mod3m, but he's also angry on me. Humm.. it's not Adok either, strange face. A pic with two girls beside him, who the... "MOP! What the fuck", Mr. Network claimed. "YOU ARE MOP!!"

"Yes", the judge said.. "On my left is Clary, on my right J. Walker of ex-TRSI and I took the long way from my African isle to here only to hold the judge on YOU! Of course I didn't attend to the party itself, I never did so!"

"Have fun with your karate games - Mr. Network - the nobody", he said. He truely said what I became. A nobody easily compared to thousand other nobodys. "Thank you for the game", Mr. Network said...

I opened my eyes. Darkness... 4 'o clock, deep night.. I looked around.. my wife was dreaming something beside me and made some strange noises. Let me look at the place where my computer was located. I switched on the lights.. "Mmmmhhhhhhhhhhh what the fuck are you doin'?" my wife answered. I looked once, twice.. three times... yes.. my good old Amiga was there still. I took my phone, called Jazz of Haujobb and cancelled my trip to Denmark.

"I still have the chance to change the history", I told him.. he didn't understand anything... "You are really lucky man!!! I was 497.743.743 hours without a break in #amigascne, but why don't you want to come with us?"

"You cannot understand.. you cannot. You simply can't..." I hung up and entered my bed again hoping my own brain would not offer me more sucking dreams like that one.

The End.

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