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The World Charts #14
by Unlock/Vantage^Padua [issue 11/2002]

br>Somewhen during August, the big day was here. The reactivated Worldcharts were back - and not only on Amiga, as you might perhaps have had expected it to be - not, it came also out on PC. Or to be more precise, it came out on PC only (see our other article about Worldscharts #14, where we give you an idea why it was not released on Amiga) which is really surprising. Scoopex, The Silents and Hoodlum managed to create a nice chartsmag with the big amount of around 500 voters!

The Silents were responsible for the PC version of the chartsmag and they did a pretty nice job by doing that engine. The 3D intro is nicely done and builds up some kind of special mood and makes your expecting something big. The 3D intro reminds you of some movie-intros (and the idea is of course stolen from PAiN, no question ;-)) At the end of the intro, a voice is telling us the three groupnames mentioned in the beginning of this review: Done in the same style as many demos/intros at Assembly and Mekka Symposium, a new trend (or idea) successfully ported into a diskmag intro, and it doesn't sound bad or look weird.

The menu and engine layout coming up afterwards is very dark. There is a wave-analyzer on the left side of the screen. In the middle, the submenu or the text is getting displayed and on the bottom of the screen, you can chose your kind of charts. Among other categories, there are Amiga-, C64- and of course also the PC charts. The first question that is coming up is maybe the question why the got so many voters, and I think the answer to this is pretty simple: The voters are coming from at least 3 'different' scenes and certainly most of the votes are not coming from the PC scene. Still, the results are reliable and don't look like only 3 or 4 people took place in voting.

The votecategories are pretty broad and there are some unusualy categories around. However, some of the categories didn't got enough votes and they are empty. As a conclusion I'd say that it's great to have a chartsmag around again. The more charts there are (currently I can only think of the PAiN charts and the Worldcharts) the better they get, because you can imagine some kind of average of both sources to see who's really on top. There was another chartsmag once: Planet - but nobody knows if they're still alive. It will be pretty interesting to see if the creators of Worldcharts can keep up with a more or less regular release-schedule - else, a chartsmag isn't too useful. Still, this first 'new' issue looks promising and makes you curious on what's coming up. Good work dudes, and hopefully there will be more mags coming up!

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