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PAiN Issue 07/02 (51)

Download the fix for PAiN0702 that corrects some errors with the 3d outro.

(Attention: The Demos of A Decade Review has a few errors inside: Of course Weasel is the owner and founder of C.A.P-TV and not just someone who works there. Further, he'd like to see your comments on Demos of a Decade on pouet: 4978)


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Another One [Articles]
Dixan/MFX^Spinning Kids [Interviews]
Melwyn and XXX of Haujobb [Interviews]
The ASCII Scene is Dead [Articles]
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Eule/Fake That [Interviews]
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Rerun on Ripping GFX [Articles]
Symphony 2002 [Party Reports]
Virtual PC Demotested [Software Tests]


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