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Important Information on PAiN

1) I can't start PAiN on Windows 2000/XP
Drop us a line and you'll recieve a fix for this problem. Newer issues all work on Windows 2000 (and should work on Windows XP aswell, however this was not yet completly tested. A fix for issue 10/99, which doesn't run well on newer OS can be downloaded here.

2) I want to run PAiN on Linux
There's no problem with that. Just use the latest version of Wine and enjoy the full lifestyle with music and marvellous 3d outro (where available).

3) I get weird errors when starting up PAiN
Make sure you've depacked the PAiN archive correctly: You should have a subdirectory inside the directory where you unpacked PAiN [not in PAIN 07/02 aswell as in newer issues from 2003 upward]. The subdirectory must be called data and contain pain.dat, all the music files (like *.it or *.mp3). If you get errors on missing fonts, make sure you download the PAiN fontpack (last updated: March 2004) and install it to your Windows directory, into the PAiN directory or into the mentioned data directory.

4) I noticed that your data file is a plain RAR archive, gimme the password
No, we won't give it to you. You're a clever scener, right? You could of course find it out if you really want. We don't give it out though. As file-library we're using the unrarlib by Unique/Vantage, a clever little library for all you scene release producers out there.

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