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PAiN Services - DOSBox Demo Compatibility List (159 Demos)

This new service, presented to you by PAiN, is a compatibility list that aims to collect all demos that work together with DOSBox. DOSBox emulates the CPU: 286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS, Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics, a SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent sound compatibility with older games... Give it a try and add missing demos!

 perfect  works okay  runs (bad)

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The Astonishing Tribe/Yodel (1996) Ver: 0.62
Seems to work best with GUS, but it sounds a bit weird sometimes. Other then that, you want many cycles (25000+, but works on lower), and for that core=dynamic recommended. (comment on
Mighty/Xtacy (1995) Ver: 0.63
a bit slow and some music bugs (comment on
Stuff/Xtacy (1995) Ver: 0.65
One of my favourite!. It uses only XMS and GUS. I set 16.000 cycles for running it decently. Enjoy it!. (comment on
Facts of Life (House Techno Part - GUS rerelease)/Witan (1993) Ver: 0.61
Visuals are okay, sometimes off-sync. Music samples are buggy. Note this is the GUS house part only. The full original version won't work. (comment on
Drift/Wildlight (1995) Ver: 0.7
Little display bugs at the end scroller (comment on
Solstice/Valhalla (1995) Ver: 0.61
Requires a quite high amount on CPU cycles to run smoothly, but it works. (comment on
Fluid Motion/Valhalla (1995) Ver: 0.62
Works great, just a couple short stalls between loading parts. I tested the party version, so hopefully the final version works just as well. (comment on
Solstice/Valhalla (1995) Ver: 0.63
(comment on
Solstice/Valhalla (1995) Ver: 0.7
Fine demo with cool music (comment on
Vectordemo/Ultraforce (1992) Ver: 0.62
At the menu, choose Install Demo, Fast AT, Automatic Detection - then enjoy the demo! The fadeout on the loading screen is buggy, but the main part looks okay. (comment on
Vectordemo/Ultraforce (1991) Ver: 0.63
The classic from Ultraforce, runs without a problem. (comment on
VectorDemo/Ultraforce (1991) Ver: 0.7
A true classic (comment on
The Jungly Kitchen/Twilight Zone (1993) Ver: 0.61
Visuals are okay. Sound is full of the infamous "UltraClicks", but since it was one of the first GUS demos, maybe the original was too. (comment on
Crystal Dream/Triton (1992) Ver: 0.61
Make sure you choose PC speaker for sound (comment on
Crystal Dream 2/Triton (1992) Ver: 0.63
In 0.63, GUS works, and setting higher cycles got rid of some of the flashes and timing problems, but still not perfect. (comment on
Gravis Ultrasound Advertisement/Triton (1993) Ver: 0.7
Demo to promote Gravis UltraSound (comment on
Timeless/Tran (1994) Ver: 0.61
First endless atmospheric demo by legendary Tran. Working fine. Pity, his next demos ("Ambience" and "Luminati") used software interlace mode wich looks terrible under DOSBox. So, enjoy the Timeless. (comment on
Hell!/Tran (1993) Ver: 0.65
Runs perfectly, provided that GUS IRQ is not 5 (limitation of Tran's pmode code) (comment on
Gertrude in Red Hungary/TPOLM (1996) Ver: 0.63
A classic TPOLM demo that works fine with DosBox as it is not CPU hungry. You just need to increase some parameters (the tunnels are smooth if it is done correctly) (comment on
Vicky/The Space Pigs (1991) Ver: 0.63
Ok oldschool demo. Select Soundblaster (3), System Speed 25 MHz or above and 1 for VGA card. (comment on
The Magic Circle/The European Technology (1994) Ver: 0.62
2nd part and end part don't work, everything else is okay. A few short stalls between parts. (comment on
Uneatble/The CoExistence (1994) Ver: 0.63
Runs okay, but you have to optimize your dosbox. This demo was quite good, and was 1st shown at Assembly 94 (comment on
Coma Demo/The Brain Slayer (1991) Ver: 0.61
4000+ cycles recommended. (comment on
Stash/The Black Lotus (1997) Ver: 0.7
Rarefluid video : (comment on
Astral Blur/The Black Lotus (1997) Ver: 0.7
Fabulous demo !!! Video by RGBA : (comment on
Uitgeroeid/TFA Ground Zero (1995) Ver: 0.61
Apart from some minor static (Set GUS sample rate to 44100) this demos runs exactly like it did on my pc back then. (comment on
Dreamsteal/Surprise!Productions (1995) Ver: 0.63
(comment on
Cocoon/Surprise!Productions (1995) Ver: 0.63
(comment on
Dreamsteal/Surprise! Productions (1995) Ver: 0.61
Music is not totaly correct during some parts, and dosbox has problems with the graphics mode switches. It hangs at the end, but that's ok, it also does that on a real DOS box :-) (comment on
Eyecatcher/Surprise! Productions (1994) Ver: 0.61
Enable XMS & GUS, disable EMS. (comment on
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly/Surprise! Productions (1993) Ver: 0.60
fine oldschool Amiga Effects and Design presented for PC on TP'93 (comment on
Flight/Sunrise Industry (1995) Ver: 0.7
can't run in DosBox because requires 386/486-style prefetch-queue instead of Pentium-style (comment on
Flight/Sunrise Industry (1995) Ver: 0.7
100% fix available on request from (comment on
Zilog/Sunflower (1999) Ver: 0.7
(comment on
IFLIC/spinningkids (1997) Ver: 0.61
Runs in VGA mode (320x200x8 with dithering) and PAiNfully slow :) (comment on
Optic Nerve/Silents (1993) Ver: 0.61
I always though it had an abrupt ending, but now I found out that it actually goes on where it always used to stop at my PC's (Sparcus/Nostalgia) (comment on
Angeldust/Shock! (1997) Ver: 0.63
Could be slow but demo execution is perfect (comment on
Causaprima/Sands (1999) Ver: 0.61
Runs with no problem, sound card autodetect works well too. (comment on
Catch22/Replay (1999) Ver: 0.7
64 ko about lens flares (comment on
Amnesia/Renaissance (1992) Ver: 0.61
I used the separate music player + DosBox wav writing to create MP3's of all songs in the demo at high quality. Excellent! (comment on
Black Glass 2/Renaissance (1992) Ver: 0.61
The 9+4 channel AdLib+SB music works! I'm impressed - it didn't work on most sound cards other than the original SB/SBPro. (comment on
Daretro/Renaissance (1993) Ver: 0.61
Close, but not quite.. a couple of the music channels are missing. Also, the Escape key doesn't seem to work, but Ctrl-F9 will do. :) (comment on
D'Orzo/Recreation (1996) Ver: 0.63
Demo in textmode (comment on
Tahma/Recreation (1997) Ver: 0.63
Demo in textmode (comment on
Dimension/Realtech (1994) Ver: 0.61
Choose SB, GUS timing is too slow. Visuals are okay. Sound is a little buggy. (comment on
Reanimator/Rage (1995) Ver: 0.61
This demo was originally Pentium-only, but you can run it with the /o parameter.. just have the CPU power to back it up! (comment on
Robotnik/Rage (1997) Ver: 0.63
Slow 3d... (comment on
Near death experience/Pulse (1997) Ver: 0.63
Near perfection but is slow on my Pc... (comment on
One Drink Too Far/Pulse (1996) Ver: 0.63
Definitely not the best stuff from Pulse, visuals are 100% ok in Dosbox but unfortunately, no sound. (comment on
Balance/Pulse (1996) Ver: 0.63
Couldn't get more than the first screen with water effect. Fatal crash probably due to a weird videomode change. (comment on
Sunflower/Pulse (1997) Ver: 0.7
Visuals are ok, no major bug but could be slow (comment on
Square/Pulse (1997) Ver: 0.7
(comment on
73 Million Seconds/Pulse (1998) Ver: 0.7
(comment on
Headache/Psychic Link (1996) Ver: 0.62
Works in dosbox with 'full' core and gus sound emulation. Needs a fast computer (it is a 'pentium' demo 8-)) (comment on
Act1/Psychic Link (1994) Ver: 0.62
Try GUS for sound. (comment on
Juice/Psychic Link (1995) Ver: 0.63
Minor music bug, crashes at landscape (DosBox error : illegal read error) (comment on
Aboriginal/Paragon (1996) Ver: 0.62
GUS and normal core. (comment on
Aboriginal Remix/Paragon (1996) Ver: 0.62
Looks okay as far as I can tell. Needs high cycles. (comment on
Contrast/Oxygene (1996) Ver: 0.63
Some music bugs 3d scenes could be slow (comment on
Nova/Overflow (1997) Ver: 0.63
Some 3d bugs (comment on
Textro/OTM (1995) Ver: 0.62
Works great in 0.62 with cycles around 5000 and frameskip around 2-5 (play with frameskip till the sound isn't choppy). (comment on
Project XYZ/Orange (1995) Ver: 0.61
Runs pretty much as it should. Music replay is a bit choppy. On average I experienced 3000-4000 cycles to be the best tradeoff for watching the demo. (Okay sound, not too choppy visuals) (comment on
Super Television/Orange (1996) Ver: 0.61
Works just fine, standard GUS-settings. Needs prett high cycles-values though. :) (comment on
Who else can upgrade a robot/Orange (1995) Ver: 0.61
Slight hickup near the end, no biggie. Sync a tad askew sometimes. Very watchable. :) (comment on
Royal Family/Orange (1995) Ver: 0.62
Perfectly works (240h, 70 hz), raise the cycles up to 8000. (comment on
Megablast/Orange (1996) Ver: 0.62
Enjoy Megablast, it works from the start till the end without any problem ! High cycles needed (~18000). (comment on
The Secret Life of Mr. Black/Orange (1997) Ver: 0.62
I'm not sure if the first effect works correctly, doesn't look right, but it's been a long time since I've seen this on the real thing. Otherwise works very well and at decent fps. (comment on
X14/Orange (1995) Ver: 0.63
Sometimes the music seems to slow down but otherwise it runs fine. Don't know if its supposed to not exit when it's finished though. (comment on
Sea Robot Of Love/Orange (1995) Ver: 0.63
Finally working! Most parts move too fast, however. Must run with the -m parameter. Normal core and no EMS should be safe. (comment on
Stars/nooon (1995) Ver: 0.61
Disable GUS emulation and run with SB for correct sound. Runs a little slow, but otherwise perfect. Best results with CPU cycles around 20000. (comment on
Stars/Nooon (1995) Ver: 0.63
Works perfectly. You do not have to disable GUS in v0.63. Be patient when it starts. The screen goes blank and it seems to hang but it will start if you wait. (comment on
Shotgun!/Mindprobe (1995) Ver: 0.62
It's slow, but it runs! Disable EMS. (comment on
Transgression 2/MFX (1996) Ver: 0.62
Runs great even with the normal core. The more cycles you give it, the more rays that will be cast. (comment on
Ninja 2/Melon Dezign & Scoop (1996) Ver: 0.63
Runs perfectly. (comment on
Arabicum/Massive (1995) Ver: 0.61
Doxbox seems to have problems with resolution switches, but apart from that it runs perfectly. (comment on
Black Zone/Masque (1993) Ver: 0.63
Sound has been fixed, runs perfectly now. (comment on
Wish/Majic 12 (1993) Ver: 0.61
Works almost perfectly under dosbox! (Blala on (comment on
Show/Majic 12 (1994) Ver: 0.63
Problem with the plasma, copper effect, end scoller and some screens are reduced... Rest is perfect so i give an "Ok" status (comment on
Just/Legend Design (1995) Ver: 0.61
If the music stutters or contains a lot of static then try switching back to a normal soundblaster (enter "just /?" for options). (comment on
Digital Matrix/Legend Design (1993) Ver: 0.61
The only thing noticeable was that it had some strange high frequency noise in the sound/music. but i believe that is an irq or dma issue. try change the irq or dma in the emulator and try if that works. if not then i don't know. (comment on
Little Green Men/Kosmic (1995) Ver: 0.61
Disable EMS, select Soundblaster and low quality sound when starting the demo (and it might need some additional dosbox cycles and frameskip tweaking to get the music right). It almost runs perfectly, but at the end it crashes. (comment on
Ro Bott/Kooma (1999) Ver: 0.7
Short intro but perfect execution (comment on
Strato Bak/Kolor (1998) Ver: 0.62
Couldn't make it work, dead loop. Sad :( (comment on
Toontown/Kolor (1997) Ver: 0.63
Have vertical lines ?!? Some buggy sound and 2d effects (comment on
Ranskalainen Huora/Jumalauta (2001) Ver: 0.62
Looks just the way it is supposed to. (comment on
Semtex City/Jeskola! Productions (1995) Ver: 0.63
(comment on
Fyvush/Jamm (1994) Ver: 0.61
Just a few quirks here and there. You'll be happy to know that the text in DOS is still turned upside-down afterwards. :) (comment on
Finkel/Jamm (1994) Ver: 0.61
The music clicks and pops, and the last effect is broken - everything else is okay. (comment on
Nation0/Jamm (1995) Ver: 0.62
first part works well but it suddenly stopped in the magenta-deformation part and nothing moves till the end. I tested on a slow PC though. (comment on
Dream/Jamm (1995) Ver: 0.62
Surprisingly, it runs very smoothly with high cycles, no problems with this great demo. (comment on
Resurrection Now/Jamm (1997) Ver: 0.62
This demo was already very difficult to launch in the genuine DOS, it never worked on my K6-233. With DosBox, you need dos4gw.exe, launch the demo with "dos4gw macgyver.exe". Set the cycles at 10000. You can watch most parts but DosBox crashed at the end (though the demo is unfinished, this could explain this issue..) (comment on
Dream/Jamm (1995) Ver: 0.63
little music glitches (comment on
Cardiac/Infiny (1993) Ver: 0.61
It's good to see that the end scroller works again on dosbox (Sparcus/Nostalgia) (comment on
Epsilon/Infiny (1995) Ver: 0.62
Almost perfect.. the baby pic is a little too small, I think. The music stalls between video mode changes, but I think you can live with that. (comment on
Bomb/Impact Studios (1996) Ver: 0.63
3d is slow (maybe it's perfect on a fast Pc...) (comment on
Inconexia/Iguana (1993) Ver: 0.61
The text in the greetings part doesn't scroll properly. Everything else is good. Choose SoundBlaster, GUS sound won't work. (comment on
HeartQuake/Iguana (1993) Ver: 0.62
Runs nicely, with gus emulation (comment on
Silence/Hysteria (1994) Ver: 0.61
Music is heavily clipped - the original mixing volume was set very high. Visuals are okay - just a little flickering in the spacecut/z-buffer parts. (comment on
8088 Corruption/Hornet (2004) Ver: 0.7
Designed to run on an IBM 8088. Answer "N" to "Are you running this program on a real hardware CGA card" ;-) (comment on
Muna/HiRMU (1996) Ver: 0.62
This finnish demoscene classic works perfectly. (comment on
Diskoexpäriment/HiRMU (1995) Ver: 0.62
Looks just like it is supposed to. (comment on
MUNA/HiRMU (1996) Ver: 0.63
(comment on
Trippin/Haujobb (2000) Ver: 0.63
Needs dos4gw.exe, not included. Some glitches in sound. Runs very slow in fullscreen, but ok otherwise. (comment on
Lifeforms/Halcyon (1995) Ver: 0.61
There are some minor timing problems (screen is white for about 1 second 2 times) and the music is not entirely as it's supposed to be, but apart from that this demos runs without problems. (comment on
Catchup!/Grif (1994) Ver: 0.63
0.63 saves the day again! Sound is corrected.. enjoy this Hungarian design classic! (comment on
Fishtro/Future Crew (1992) Ver: 0.61
A classic that works very well in dosbox (comment on
Second Reality/Future Crew (1993) Ver: 0.61
Work almost perfectly. The video mode changes flash the screen. Settings: Disable XMS, Enable EMS with 32mb, CPU cycles 5000-7000, Disable SB, enable GUS, sound sample rate 44100. Run it with 2ndfix.exe. (comment on
Unreal (v1.1)/Future Crew (1992) Ver: 0.61
Vectorballs part has scanline problem, all other parts are okay. Choose GUS, SB output is buggy. (comment on
Yo!/Future Crew (1989) Ver: 0.61
PC speaker music and tweaked textmode, what more could you ask for? :D (comment on
Panic/Future Crew (1992) Ver: 0.61
Very first part runs, but crashes at the part with the first scroller :( (comment on
Panic/Future Crew (1992) Ver: 0.62
Works a lot better now. Scroller part is buggy, and the dot-vector and plasma parts have minor flaws. The techno part might not look so good depending on your refresh rate. The sound glitch for the first few seconds can really be blamed on the original player code. (comment on
Panic/Future Crew (1992) Ver: 0.63
We see some of the tricks they used (scroller and plasma are mirrored, etc.), fractal mountain runs very slow and shadebob too fast, but otherwise looks good. (comment on
Lunatic/Extreme (1993) Ver: 0.61
Choose PC speaker - SoundBlaster doesn't work. (comment on
Caero/EMF & Plant (1995) Ver: 0.63
Runs a bit slow, but otherwise it is fine. (comment on
Verses/Electromotive Force (1994) Ver: 0.62
Looks just the way I remember it. (comment on
Untitled/Dust (1993) Ver: 0.61
All that's missing are the keyboard LEDs. :) Use SoundBlaster, the GUS timing is off. (comment on
Saga/Dust (1993) Ver: 0.61
Must run with no sound ("saga /q") to watch the whole demo. With sound on it will crash on the 2nd or 3rd part. (comment on
Preview/Dust (1992) Ver: 0.62
For the nostalgia-seekers.. (comment on
Saga/Dust (1993) Ver: 0.65
Seems to run fine in DOSBox 0.65 as long as soundblaster emulation is set to use irq 5, not 7. (comment on
Machines of madness/Dubius (1996) Ver: 0.63
Some bad 3d textures 3d scenes could be slow (comment on
State of hate/Dubius (1995) Ver: 0.63
3d scenes could be slow, rest is ok (comment on
Magic View/Dubius (1996) Ver: 0.7
increase the sound prebuffer to 30 to avoid stuttering on slower machines (comment on
Vivid Experiment/Doomsday (1996) Ver: 0.63
Minor slowings (comment on
Tremor/DEMOlition (1996) Ver: 0.63
Demo in textmode (music by LizardKing) (comment on
Dragnet/DCE (1991) Ver: 0.61
Great oldskool XT/AT demo. (Use "dragnet /I=7 /A=220" to run with digital music) (comment on
Electric Gruyère/DCB (1995) Ver: 0.61
Diable SB and set the GUS to 220/7/1. The music is too slow but the visuals are okay. (comment on
GUNremix/DC5 (1999) Ver: 0.63
What do you know.. QuickBasic/CMODTSR hacks work too. :) (comment on
Smackdown/DC5 (2000) Ver: 0.63
Works best with dynamic core and 30k+ cycles. Skip frames if it helps. (comment on
Toasted/Cubic & $een (1996) Ver: 0.61
This demo works very well. A pleasure to see this again. (comment on
Xtal/Complex (1995) Ver: 0.61
Sound might give some problems, select soundblaster and low quality sample rate if necessary. Be careful if you watch it while wearing a headphone because dosbox once crashed during this demo while making an awesome lot of noise ;-) (comment on
Dope/Complex (1995) Ver: 0.63
Works great now, no more sound problems. Keep EMS off, GUS on, and enjoy! (comment on
Cyboman 2/Complex (1994) Ver: 0.63
Sound fixed. Not sure if the minor z-buffer bugs in the big objects were in the original or not, but I'll give it a green bar anyway. :) (comment on
Xtale/Complex (1995) Ver: 0.63
Runs fine now (comment on
Control (, The)/COMA (1996) Ver: 0.61
It works, but you'd better have a 2+GHz PC going at 16000+ cycles, otherwise expect some stutter. (comment on
Exposure/Coma (1997) Ver: 0.62
First effect with green bump is displayed but the palette is corrupted when it switches to the 2nd part. It unfortunately crashes with an illegal address a few seconds later. (comment on
Tomu/Coma (1996) Ver: 0.62
A bit slow but visuals and music are okay. Works best with cycles between 9000 and 10000. (comment on
Washing Machine (Encore Remix)/Coma (1996) Ver: 0.62
Visuals and sound are nearly perfect (a few palette switches), you will enjoy the disturbing Groo module. Try with cycles at 12000 and change the frame skip. I guess the non-remix version will also work. (comment on
Paimen/Coma (1996) Ver: 0.62
It seems to be okay, effects look perfect, I'm not sure about the music, I haven't watched this demo for loooong time but I have the strange feeling that one of the samples is running too fast (?). Cycles between 10000 and 13000 are fine. (comment on
Halo/Cobra Creations (1996) Ver: 0.63
Excellent demo in fakemode and moreover, perfectly works in the box (comment on
Inside/CNCD (1996) Ver: 0.62
Looks the way it should, but either requires a really fast computer or it's just impossible to get a good framerate. (comment on
Cronologia/Cascada (1991) Ver: 0.61
Intro, Loading, and Time parts will run too fast unless you slow it down to (comment on
Holistic/Cascada (1994) Ver: 0.7
Only 3d objets in this demo (comment on
Zweilight Zone/Capacala (1995) Ver: 0.61
Some small glitches in the sound and graphics, but mostly okay. :) (comment on
The real thing/Capacala (1994) Ver: 0.63
Minor music bugs (comment on
The unreal thing/Capacala (1995) Ver: 0.63
small music glitches (comment on
Gustar/Camora (1996) Ver: 0.61
Great 64Kb intro with GUS music. Uses fakemode vga (3080 colors) and shows raytrace style rendering. (comment on
eden [explora2]/Bomb! (1997) Ver: 0.7
Some slowings (metaballs part) and crash at the city scene (comment on
Explora/Bomb! (1996) Ver: 0.7
Nice 3D worlds (comment on
State Of Mind/Bomb! (1998) Ver: 0.7
Can't get the music works correctly even with the demo switches... (comment on
Bleed/Bad Karma (1998) Ver: 0.65
(comment on
Fusion/Bad Karma (1998) Ver: 0.65
(comment on
Millennium Fever/Bad Karma (1999) Ver: 0.65
(comment on
Mind Control/Bad Karma (2000) Ver: 0.65
Full title "frankenstein communist government mind control" (comment on
Angeldust 2/Astroidea + Chrome (1997) Ver: 0.63
Could be slow but demo execution is perfect (comment on
Chapi Chapo/Aegis Corp. (1996) Ver: 0.63
Could have some sound bug (GUS only) at the beginning (comment on
Bugfixed/Acme (1994) Ver: 0.61
Runs like a charm :-) (comment on
paper/acme (1996) Ver: 0.61
64 Kb intro with GUS music. First time I saw this cool handdrawn 3d-style used. (comment on
Dead On Arrival/Acme (1994) Ver: 0.62
Everything looks good except for one little bug with the logo and triangle. Sound is a little crackly. (comment on
Big Deal/Acme (1995) Ver: 0.62
Kind of choppy between parts, but so was the original. (comment on

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