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The ASCII Scene is Dead
by Zito/100%^Moods^Reason^Scarab [issue 07/2002]

I already wrote about this topic in the editorial of one of my ascii-collies released last year, but as it seems the demo scene has nearly forgotten about the last ascii knights. So here I am to fight as an ascii-artist more or less to give the true answer on the question "Is the ascii scene dead?"

If you care about the ascii scene you will find some interesting things inside you did not know before maybe. If you do not care or even do not know what I am writing about you better read this article as you are part of the machine destroying the ascii spirit these days! Yes, no pathetic words I want to spread, the pure truth about our murderers only. So continue reading if you are a scener with heart, because the ascii scene is a part of the scene at all and everything we want is to be noticed still being alive.

But why should you? The demo scene is running on several platforms and it looks good so far, at least as good as it gets at the moment. So what do I anger about? I anger about you, because the real problem of the ascii scene is not that there were too few sceners or less support or no spirit. No! Everything is still there in the ascii scene. The problem is that there are no sceners requesting creations of our work. We do our job for nothing and nobody! Can you imagine this?

Yes, not the ascii scene itself is dead, the ascii-request-scene is dead. There seems to be no one really interested in this kind of art anymore. No demo scener comes to ask for a logo or a votesheet design. Everywhere where ascii logos are used you will find mostly old stuff by artists who quit long ago. Isn't this stupid when there are young and active artists everywhere who want to participate? From all over I hear ascii-artists crying "Please request something. Even a single logo! Please..." but at the end only ascii artists are requesting logos from other ascii artists. And besides the beauty and the spirit of ascii-collections there is no sense to cocntinue this way.

What`s up? A lot of "Readme" or "Nfo" files and even "file_id.diz" are released today without any ascii logo and when there is one sometimes, it is mostly more than two years overdue. Even some groups use file_id.diz they have since they were born many years back in time. The logos are always and everywhere the same.

You might say that I am not so big in ascii-bizz and I would reply that it is true, but I have ascii-contacts and I know the problem is not only mine being not such a good artist. Also legendary sceners are going to give up because no one asks them to make some new logo. Even if you offer someone to make him some design or logos, he might say: "Hmh, I like the old one? Why change it?" or "Of course, next time!" In my eyes it hurts to see the same logos from several BBS since years. No wonder that todays ascii-artists are lazy and once legendaries don`t care about doing somthing new for the scene.

I offered so many people so many times to make them asciis, but only a few requested some logos and only half of those who requested used them! I also made the experience - besides the reason that many sceners do not know there is still exsisting an ascii scene - that a lot of sceners simply do not dare to ask even such tiny ascii knights as me for a logo or two! But why do so? To make logos and designs in ascii for everything you need for your productions is our job. This is what we ascii artists are made for! This is our idea of being. Why should we exists otherwise?

If the scene continues treating ascii makers this way we don`t have to wonder when the ascii scene really dies one day! So come on and dare to ask the ascii artist next to you. Leech latest collies and search for a style you like and request whatever you need! Go to and search for ascii related websites to get in contact with this part of our scene. Or visit - what may be the best thing at first - the point to request and meet us. You will not regret it!

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