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Welcome to PAiN.You might want to download an issue or even subscribe to our newsletter. Life can be different.

Final version of PAiN 12/07 is released

We have released a final version of PAiN issue #59. The one released at TUM, finished in a hurry, left us unsatisfied and that's why we decided to add more articles, fix engine bugs and add a cracktro. Download the final version from our archive page

PAiN 12/07 is released

Since it has become some kind of tradition, we moved our asses and decided to deliver another issue of PAiN for The Ultimate Meeting. Welcome to issue 12/07 (59)! Download it from our archive page

PAiN is alive and voting possible!

You probably never thought that we will do _it_ again! We're working on a new issue of PAiN which is to be release in late 2007. For this, we kindly look out for all kind of support: Be it articles, music, moral support or money, we take it all! Also, to have another comprehensive edition of our charts, we need your votes. Be sure to fill our (shortened) votesheet now by visiting - and maybe spread this link around so you friends can vote for you. See you soon in the 59th issue of PAiN! - the team

PAiN 12/06 is released

We got bored of idling with style so we decided to release another issue of PAiN at The Ultimate Meeting! Get it from our archive site

Next issue on track!

You can believe it or not, but the next issue of PAiN is in the works! We have set the deadline to December 15, 2006. Be sure to vote and supply us with your articles, interviews, reports (or whatever else comes to your mind).

PAiN 10/05 is released

As a wedding present for XXX & Eva, this issue is released today, 14th October 2005. We got plenty of articles in there, so it's definitvley worth to check it out. The new voting system for the charts turned out to freshen them up! Enjoy! Download it from our archive site

New Voting System And Deadline For The Next Issue

They do it again! The next issue of PAiN is in the pipe - but we now need your votes for the lastest charts! Our new voting system can be found here, supports SceneId by and comes with new categories and nifty supporting features. Fill the votesheet now!

Also in the news: The article and contribution deadline for the next issue of PAiN is set to 2005-10-10! If that's no pain, what else is? You can help us out with reviews, reports, interviews, investigations, latest news and rumours and of course feedback to our new voting system.

New Contact Email-Address

Thanks to all the cool spammers around the world, we've decided to not read the old email address anymore. Please update your address-books. The new, valid address can be found here.

PAiN 12/04 Released

PAiN 12/04 is there for the masses! It was released live at TUM*04! Download it from our archive site.

PAiN 12/04 Deadline: December, 9th 2004

PAiN is hurting again! Did you expect this? We didn't.. however, we're in need of your support! Want to have your articles, reports, investigating results, advertisments, interviews, reviews, making-ofs, rantings, critics, soulstrips and brainstorms in the leading scene diskmag? ;-) Send your effusions to us until December, 9th 2004!
While you're at it, please also fill our votesheet at and help to make the last active pc demoscene charts objective.

DOSBox Demo Compatibility List

It's the first one in a possible row of additional services which PAiN is presenting to you: The DOSBox Demo Compatibility List. DOSBox is a very good DOS/(2)(3)(4)86 Emulator and runs a lot of old demos. See the list to see how to run the demos - and see which demos actually do run. The list is also extensible, you can add demos that work, but are missing in the list.

DOSBox Demo Compatibility List

Font-Problems? Fix available!

If you can't start PAiN due to font-problems and you've already downloaded the font-pack (as the error message told you), please download the pack again since we forgot to include one particular font into the pack. After downloading and installing the font pack, PAiN will work well, also on Wine.

PAiN issue 55 - 10 Years

It's done! PAiN 03/04 is out and available for download. We're celebrating the 10th year of existance now and we hope you celebrate with us: Articles, Interviews, Reports, Stories, News, Reviews and more! Download the magazine from our archive page and don't forget to fill the freakin' votesheet!

10 Years Of PAiN

PAiN is now 10 years old. The first issue of PAiN was released in January 1994 and with this, the Swiss successtory started. Be ready for another celebration issue (and it won't be 10 megabytes, promised). For your contributions, we set the deadline to February 10th, 2004 so make sure you fill the votesheet until then. Also, articles, reports, interviews and every different form of articles are more than welcome! We're sure you want to be a part of the celebrative PAiN!

PAiN 10/03 (54) - we are back

PAiN issue 10/03 - currently the scene's most wanted diskmag with a lot of news, reviews, interviews, summer party reports and many many interesting articles! Read about having 1 million visitors, how to make proper file packages, the future of diskmags, the Beastie Boys a/v logo contest, competition rules, reports from almost all the summer parties, the new wildspotting and more and more and more. We're changing your lifestyle - we are your lifestyle. Hype it. Remember to vote for the charts of the next issue here. Download the mag from our archive page:


PAiN 02/03 (53) hits you

Welcome back to PAiN. A new edition of your favourite diskmag is out bringing you the latest, most hyped and most informative news, releases and articles from your scene. Expect some surprises and congratulate us for keeping it below 2mb. Remember to vote for the charts of the next issue here. Download the mag from our archive page:


PAiN - BE READY. An announcement intro

PAiN in cooperation with Grin brings you a small announcement intro for the upcoming issue of your favourite lifestyle diskmag. Grab it directly from here (or from your favourite FTP which should also have the intro):

Download [alt. 1]

PAiN 11/02 (52) released!

PAiN is back featuring a big pack of articles, reports, interviews, charts, tutorials and more. Completly new text render engine and incredible great art included! enjoy it and go voting at our renewed voting page. Download the mag from our archive page:


Better late than Never, PAiN ISSUE 07/02 (51) is here

Once more, we've done it. Enjoy the latest issue of PAiN containing a lot of great articles, the latest reviews and charts and even some news you don't know from Ojuice yet. We're PAiN, nobody can stop us.


The Long Awaited, Never Topped, Incredible ISSUE 50

It's done. Finally you can download issue 02/02 which is also our big celebration issue: 50 times PAiN. Enjoy this, and always remember that we're the most sexiest. We can feel the PAiN in your eyes.


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